Members Shoutout BQE Fitness as the Best NYC Gym in Shoutout LA

We take great pride in providing our members with the best experience, whether it be with our three-floor state-of-the-art facility or diligent customer service we take no shortcuts in earning the title of being the best gym in NYC. In fact, we are the home gym for many professional athletes, body builders, creatives and influencers who highly recommend us to their followings.

Two members recently had the opportunity to interview with Shoutout LA, a publication dedicated to showcasing community and young creative professionals, and gave us a shoutout for being the best gym in NYC! King Nnamani mentioned that he loved bringing friends “for some pickup basketball at the indoor gym”, you can often catch King working out with influencers on the turf or balling in our indoor court. Ashley Miah stated that she loves bringing friends to ” BQE Fitness which has become the best gym in the city”.

You can read the articles below:
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Thursday, 18 April 2024

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