BQE Basketball court

BQE X Vaughn College

BQE Fitness is the official gym for Vaughn College students. We welcome the students of Vaughn College to work out at our state of the art facility, a place where students are encouraged to work toward their future by staying fit! If you're a student, inquire about your membership with us through Vaughn's student life department.

Let's Go Warriors!

Vaughn College students bring their passions and talents to the court by participating in Vaughn College's athletic program at BQE Fitness. Vaughn's athletic program has allowed students to continue their interests in sports at the collegiate level. As the home base for Vaughn's athletic program, whether you're a player or supporter we at BQE Fitness encourage you to show your warrior pride!

BQE Basketball court with bqe jockey hat
BQE indoor basketball court with lots of people training