Kids    Zone

Happiness starts with you

You’re at your best when you set aside time for you. Kids' Zone gives children from 2 through 11 years old a fun, safe and supervised place to play while you get moving on feeling great.

Fit for the whole family

Active Play

You shouldn’t have to choose between getting your exercise and ensuring your child gets theirs, too. Our Kids' Zone attendants provide plenty of activities, games and crafts to get kids moving, playing and making new friends. Let us wear them out while you work out.

Safe Supervision

Our Kids' Zone attendants are CPR/AED certified, and must pass a background check before they’re hired. We take pride in giving every kid the focused care they need, and if we really do need to reach you, we can easily page you in the club.

Fast and Secure Check-in

Add your child to your member account, and never spend time on another form. Simply use your Cardless Check-in at any Kids' Zone (or show us a valid ID), and we can pull up the info we need to keep your child safe and smiling.

A fun space!

How to Get Started

You can purchase a single Kids' Zone visit at the Front Desk or reserve a spot below!


  • Monday Friday
    4:30 PM 9:00 PM

Pricing Options

Pay Per Visit

  • $10 per visit per child

  • 2 Hour Max per visit

Monthly Re-Occurring Charge

  • $20 per month, per child

  • 2 Hour Max per visit

How to reserve

  • Must reserve at least 48 hours in advance.
  • No-Show Policy:
    • Parents who reserve our Kids' Zone service using the pay per visit payment option and do not show during their schedule time, forfeit payment for the reserved time slot.
    • Parents who reserve our Kids' Zone service using the monthly payment option and do not show during their scheduled time will be documented. After 3 no-shows marked on your account, you will no longer be eligible for Kids' Zone services.

Check In/Out Process

  • Sign-in:
    • Members must present a valid ID, their membership tag, sign in and take a photo with their child at the time of drop-off.
    • Parents must remain in the club and carry the beeper with them at all times.
  • Sign Out:
    • Members must present a valid ID, sign out and take a photo with their child.

*Kindly note that members should accompany their child to the restroom before signing them into the Kids' Zone. Parents must always accompany their minors to the restroom. Please see the Kids' Zone rules for details.


Kids Zone Rules

  • Age Limits: Children must be over 2 years of age and under 12 years of age.
  • Time Limit: There is a maximum limit of 2 hours per visit per day.
  • Only parents and guardians are allowed in the Kids' Zone.
  • Beverages permitted: Beverages are permitted in the Kids' Zone (preferably water) that are sealed in a bottle or lid and labelled with your child’s name.

  • No outside food permitted in the Kids' Zone. For safety reasons, if you want to provide your child with a snack during their time in the Kids' Zone kindly order from the Kids' Zone menu containing items from our café. If your child has allergies, please disclose this information.
  • No bicycles, strollers, personal toys or personal items of any kind allowed in the Kids' Zone.

  • BQE Fitness is not responsible for any stolen or lost property. Please refrain from bringing in personal toys.

  • Bathroom breaks:

    1. All Kids' Zone attendees must be potty trained – No Diapering.
    2. Parents will be contacted to accompany their child to the restroom while their child is signed into the Kids' Zone. Each bathroom break must be logged.


  1. COMMUNICATION POLICY: KIDS’ ZONE AT BQE HEALTH CLUB supports an “Open Door” Communication Policy Procedure:

    1. Parents are welcome to drop in and observe the program at any time.
    2. Parents feedback and suggestions are always recommended.
  2. ALLERGIES: Parents/guardians need to inform staff in writing if their child has any allergies.

  3. ILLNESS: In order to maintain the health and safety of the Staff and other children in the Kids’ Zone, children with the following symptoms or medical issues will not be permitted in the Kids’ Zone:

    1. Fever over (99ºF).
    2. Infected eyes or skin.
    3. Any type of contagious or communicable disease such as flu, measles, mumps, rubella, or chicken pox.
    4. Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool combined with nausea, vomiting or abdominal cramps.
    5. An acute cold with fever, runny nose and eyes, a “croupy” cough or congested to the point that he/she has heavy breathing.
    6. If a child becomes sick at while at the Kids’ Zone - the parent or guardian will be immediately paged or called to pick up child. The staff will isolate the child from the other children and make him/her as comfortable as possible.
    7. Staff will not administer any medications.
  4. EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION/MEDICAL ATTENTION POLICY: For children who require immediate medical attention, staff will call emergency services to respond.

    1. Staff will phone for emergency transportation and/or medical attention when they deem it necessary for a child or children in their care.
    2. Staff will also immediately page, contact or call parents or emergency contacts to inform them.

    1. As our concern is for safety and well-being of all children the following procedures have be implemented to protect the children.
    2. Suspected or Disclosed abuse must be reported as follows:
      1. Inform BQE General Manager or Supervisor on Duty Situation
      2. Call the police and or NYS Office of Children and Family Services and report any child that looks like they have been abused, mentally, physically or emotionally.
      3. Document the reasons why you felt you had to make the call.
      4. Parents of the child that staff may have concerns about will not be notified.

    1. Pictures taken in the Kids’ Zone will be for the enjoyment of the program participants, and for program promotion as needed. By registering your child for the Kids’ Zone you are hereby providing advance consent for photos to be taken and utilized as set forth herein.
  7. NO SMOKING Policy:

    1. Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco is strictly prohibited
  8. FIRST AID KIT AND DEFIBRILLATOR: In case of emergency, BQE Health Club has a First Aid Kit and Defibrillator on Hand.

  9. EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCEDURE: In the event of an emergency that requires us to evacuate the kids’ Zone:

    1. We will take all the children north of the Main Entrance of BQE Fitness, if not safe then to either police station 114th Precinct located at 34-16 Astoria Blvd South, Astoria, NY 11103 or fire station FDNY Engine 325 and Ladder 163 located at 41-24 51st Street, Woodside, NY 11377.
    2. If needed we will illicit the help from the BQE Health Club Staff to drive the children to the above listed meeting places. Our first priority is to get them away from the danger as safely as possible and as quickly as possible.
    3. Each child will have an emergency contact card, with the child’s name, emergency numbers and contact people.
    4. This will be taken and parents will be contacted for pickup as soon as possible.

    1. If there is a bomb threat the kids’ Zone staff and children will immediately evacuate the building.
    2. Staff will take the children north of the Main Entrance, where parents shall meet with staff to pick up children.
  11. Crisis Statement and Policy: The policy of BQE Health Club is to respond quickly, accurately, and fully to all legitimate requests for information about any crisis that affects the BQE Health Club, its employees, its members, and its public image with full regard for individual privacy and legal responsibility.

*Kids' Zone Rules are subject to change.
**Kids' Zone is NOT a daycare or childcare facility nor is it purporting to be in any way shape or form. Please be advised that the BQE Kids' Zone is NOT subject to the licensing requirements and many other strict requirements that a daycare or childcare facility would otherwise be subject to. During their stay, your child will be under the observance of our Kids' Zone staff, however, we will not change diapers, feed children, do their homework, or give individual special attention to one child.

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