Fernando Guzman


Fernando's extensive experience as a personal trainer spans over two decades, making him a trusted and respected figure within the Woodside community. He has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of personalized training and has honed his skills to tailor unique fitness plans that cater to the specific goals, abilities, and limitations of each of his clients. With his diverse range of certifications, including Master Training, Personal Training, Nutrition, and Silver Sneakers Personal Training, Fernando possesses a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects that contribute to overall health and wellness. 

Fernando's dedication to providing one-on-one training demonstrates his commitment to individualized attention and support. By customizing each client's program, he is able to address their unique strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, creating a training experience that is both effective and enjoyable. With Fernando as their guide, clients can expect a personalized fitness journey that maximizes their potential and helps them achieve their desired outcomes.