DeAngelo Perry


DeAngelo's commitment to transforming lives extends beyond the gym, as he actively promotes holistic wellness by emphasizing the importance of nutrition and mental well-being in conjunction with physical fitness. As a certified personal trainer (CPT) with the National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF), DeAngelo has undergone rigorous training and education to ensure he possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to guide individuals on their fitness journeys.

With his background as a former collegiate athlete, DeAngelo understands the unique challenges and demands faced by individuals seeking athletic performance improvement. He incorporates his firsthand experience and specialized training techniques to help athletes enhance their strength, speed, agility, and overall athletic performance, allowing them to excel in their respective sports. 

In addition to his personal training expertise, DeAngelo is a charismatic and engaging communicator. He has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, and motivational speaking engagements, where he shares his insights and empowers audiences to embrace fitness as a lifestyle and embrace the belief that every individual has the power to achieve their goals with dedication, consistency, and the right guidance.