Capucine Leconte

Personal Trainer

Capucine, known as Cappuccino by her friends, hails from the sunny shores of Miami Beach, Florida. Having now spent over five years in the bustling city of New York, she has established herself as a prominent body builder and trainer with over a decade of dedication, she holds the prestigious title of IFBBPRO for a remarkable five years and counting. Capucine's journey in the fitness world has been a remarkable one, encompassing a rich tapestry of skills, knowledge, and experience. She has showcased her prowess in two significant divisions - figure aesthetics and bikini aesthetics - consistently achieving top-three placements in her many competitions. Currently, she's gearing up to venture into the Wellness Division, a transition that has deepened her understanding of Leg, Glute, and Hamstring Growth. In addition to her competitive accomplishments, Capucine is a certified expert in recovery training, specializing in stretching techniques. She has also earned certifications in bodybuilding, body contouring, and is qualified as an aerobics and spin instructor.

Capucine's vibrant personality is well-known among those who know her, and she is widely regarded as high-spirited, exceptionally kind, and an unceasing source of inspiration. Her motivation to inspire others is fueled by the inspiration she receives from those she guides. Capucine finds true joy in her work, and she pours that enthusiasm into her clients, providing them with the special attention and unwavering dedication necessary to help them achieve their fitness goals and needs. Her commitment to her clients is a testament to her unwavering passion for the world of fitness.