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Christian Peralta

Christian P. is a lifelong practitioner of physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. Since childhood, Christian has practiced martial arts for self-defense, tournaments, and a deep appreciation of the science behind combat. Through his journey in various martial arts, he gained insights into the differences between theoretical knowledge and practical application in real-life scenarios. After excelling in corporate finance and high-end retail, Christian enlisted in the United States Army as a weapons mechanic. During his service, he supervised special populations of soldiers, helping them meet the physical demands of military life. Following his term in the Army and graduating from the University of Texas, Christian trained in dance, powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, rehabilitation, and mixed martial arts.

In 2022, Christian trained under Jay Cutler, gaining invaluable experience, knowledge, and wisdom from the four-time Mr. Olympia champion. Christian's mission is to teach his clients digestible science through accessible education, enabling them to achieve their goals in a healthy, holistic, and sustainable way.