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Personal Training

Results-Driven Personal Training

Our personal training program is here to help you reach your fitness and health goals. Our trainers are cheering you on and providing you with the support you need to achieve your dream body, with specializations in body building, weight loss, nutrition, injury rehabilitation and more!

Training & Support

Our program will provide you with the confidence and tools for success through teaching proper form, nutrition, and metric tracking by providing you with the necessary support and communication. With our app which will be available soon, you will have access to contact your trainer for support at any time, view and update your metrics, access your nutrition plan, view and track your workouts, access video instruction on how to perform exercises correctly, and more! We make personal training easier by providing you with the tools for habit building that will lead you to long term success. Our support system goes further than our communication system, tag us in your workouts for additional accountability by our fit fam @bqefitness.

Choose the training plan
that’s right for you!

We have single sessions, group training, and packages available tailored for your fitness goals!
  • 1 Session: $99.00 per session
  • 5 Sessions: $450.00 ($90.00 per session)
  • 10 Sessions: $800.00 ($80.00 per session)
  • 20 Sessions: $1,500.00 ($75.00 per session)


Jump Starter Package
(2-Week Plan)
Total Value
Package Price

14-Day Nutrition Plan
5-Day Virtual Workout Plan
5 Personal Training Sessions

30 Day Shred
(4 Week Plan)
Total Value
Package Price

2X 14-Day Nutrition Plan
2X 5-Day Virtual Workout Plan
10 Personal Training Sessions

60 Day Body Transformation
(8 Week Plan)
Total Value
Package Price

4X 14-Day Nutrition Plan
4X 5-Day Virtual Workout Plan
20 Personal Training Sessions

Nutrition Plans

We offer nutrition plans to assist with the lifestyle change you need!
    14-Day Plan: $250.00
  • 7-Day Meal Plan to use for two weeks
  • Analysis of your metrics
  • Bi-Weekly Updates: $200/month

Virtual Workout Plan

We understand you can’t always make it to the gym. Check out our virtual workout plans that will help keep you on track with your fitness goals from anywhere, anytime!
  • 1 Work Out Per Day (Up to 5 Days): $300.00
  • Bi-Weekly Assessmen
  • Monthly Updates: $100.00/month

Group Training

We offer group training monthly for groups of 4-6 people per trainer

Transform with us

Book a consultation to get matched with a trainer and start your lifestyle change.